• godaddy-sale

    According to Mashable, online domain registrar Godaddy have been looking to sell their company since September 2010 and so far have attracted three interested parties in what would be a $2.5 billion purchase.

    Godaddy are thought to be the biggest domain registrar of domain names on the internet and it seems that they are now looking to cash out of the market with a proposed sale thought to be worth billions of dollars.

    The story has been a pretty closed one of late but the Wall Street Journal have announced that the sale of the company could well be done within the next 7 days, claiming that KKR & Co, Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures are hot in the running to purchase the domain company and brand associated with it.

    According to the reports, Godaddy were thinking about accepting a $1 billion offer back in September 2010 but opted to hold out for more and it seems that their resilience may well just be about to pay off, awarding their patience with over double that amount.

    Godaddy have become a globally recognised brand but has had it’s fair share of negative exposure following a number of ‘too hot for tv’ advertisements as well as a leaked video that showed Godaddy CEO Bob Parsons apparently shooting an elephant during a visit to Zimbabwe.

  • Angry-Birds


    Angry birds if you don't already know is a game that was originally developed for mobile phones and has pretty much set the standard as far as developing mobile gaming apps goes.

    The company behind the game Rovio managed this colossal success without advertising the game at all. It was purely down to the games play, graphics and overall addictiveness that it grew to what it is today.

    One thing we like here as SEO's is viral marketing and it seems that Angry Birds have started to step up their advertising game as they teamed up with T-Mobile to offer this awesome YouTube viral video;

    The effects of this video so far?

    Well as we can see from YouTube this video was uploaded on the 8th June, as I site typing this post in the very early hours on the 10th June the video has already reached 1,400,000 hits.

    Another company we like to talk about is Google... who have also seen the potential in angry birds they've actually managed to strike up a deal where they can offer the game now online through their Chrome browser.

    We all need a little break sometimes anyway... so next time your on yours why don't you play angry birds

  • bing-logo1

    Apple iPhone users will soon be able to keep a better tab on the host of iPhone applications that are available to them following the news that Bing are set to include relevant apps into the search results within their mobile internet platform.

    The new addition will heavily increase the visibility of applications that are available to iPhone users, offering suggestions of applications that may be of use to the user based on the search terms that they use.

    According to sources at Bing, the appearance of apps within the search results will not only help to improve application visibility but will also increase sales for app creators, leading to more apps being created in a bid to improve user experience while using the mobile internet.

    As well as offering suggestions of apps that may be able to aid in your search for information, apps are tipped to be opened automatically should you already have the relevant app on your handset, opening up your eyes to the features that you already possess within your handset.

    Here are a couple of screenshots of how the apps will show within the Bing search results, pictures taken from official Bing blog:

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