Google Once Again Show Blackhat Tactics Still Work

  • Posted by Jordan
  • 01 November 2012
  • Google

With all the talk of Panda and Penguin updates flooding the online marketing world over the past 12 months, you would be forgiven for thinking that Google have finally stepped up their battle to combat low quality and spam websites within their rankings but with thousands of innocent sites caught up in these changes, it seems that their mission to clean up the rankings really hasn't delivered what they thought they would see, instead the SERPs are in one of the worst stats we have seen for years.

Now I am not someone that tends to share his opinions of the matter too much, instead I would rather continue to develop value-rich sites that are offering the visitors what they want to find and that seems to work fine for me however this latest showing seems to have really shown just how little protection sites that like mine are getting  from the sort of spam sites that are infiltrating the search engines for some of the most competitive keywords online.

Now i’m not about to break out into a post about the state of the PayDay Loans ranking ladder as there are already hundreds of these, this time it seems to be the major affiliate terms that have been breached by one website creator who has clearly tried his luck at executing what would be a great plan if it wasn't for the domains that he has used.

Earlier this afternoon I realised that there had been a site that had sudden jumped into the search results on page one of one of the most competitive keywords that I have ever tried to target myself back in the days of being a gambling affiliate (which are now behind me) but it looks like his underhanded tactics are about to pay off for this blackhat creator.

Looking at how he was able to breach page one of a term that has some of the biggest industry leading sites on there, it seems that he has been resourceful in his approach, using the equity of others to ensure that he was able to break into the major rankings with ease and however he has done that has clearly tricked the Google computers into thinking that the equity within the site is enough to throw then into the dizzying heights of page one.

I’m not one to out sites that do this sort of thing and nor am I going to spread his data over the internet as that is clearly what he is looking to do himself, but I have to say that the faith that Google were moving forward with their mission to better themselves has just been proven to have been derailed.

This is a low quality ‘site’ (term used very loosely) that is hosted on a domain that is clearly there to manipulate the Google rankings with the use of keyword rich domain and a number on the end (clearly not bothered what number as I have seen that the same guy has the higher numbers too!) and then he has simply laughed at Google as they credit him into a term that could potentially make him a very large affiliate within the gambling market.

Google want to clean up their SERPs for the better but why is it that old, blackhat tactics are clearly going un-noticed in the world of unstability and wrongful penalisation?


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