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    • Posted by Jordan
    • 10 June 2011
    • Google

    Well there have been a number of interesting alterations made to the Google search engine results pages over recent days but it seems that although many have credited that to another roll out of the Panda update, that is not the case.

    According to Google’s Matt Cutts, Panda update 2.2 has not yet hit the search engine but will be doing so very shortly, Cutts saying that the roll out had been approved and we could see the update happen soon.

    So what has the latest Panda update got in store for the web?

    Well it seems that Google are looking to crack down on ‘scraper’ websites that simply look to duplicate content from a number of sources with the use of automatic content extraction and a simple copy and paste style re-posting.

    Google have had a huge amount of complaints about scraper sites in the past and now it seems that they are about to make their biggest step yet in a battle to de-value sites found to be guilty of using this technique.

    Matt Cutts confirmed that scraper sites were about to be the target of the new Panda update, saying that the next version of the change, given the name Panda 2.2, will look to “help with that issue”.

    During his answering of questions from webmasters, Cutts also pointed out that Google will continue to look to work on Panda, altering the algorithm to improve the ability of the poor content prevention method and also revealing that there is no set time as to when Panda will be set to happen within non-English language searches.

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